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Text Box: Using Inmarsat’s satellite constellation, IsatData Pro is a data communications service specifically designed to provide visibility and communications.

Whether used for managing trucks, fishing vessels or oil & gas equipment, IsatData Pro increases business efficiency, lowers operation costs and enables compliance with government regulations.  The IsatData Pro service is designed for mission-critical applications. All messages are delivered within seconds, making IsatData Pro ideal for sending information to people operating in high-risk areas, reporting alarm conditions, and retrieving logs from remote equipment.

IsatData Pro Specifications:

To-Mobile: 10 kBytes
From-Mobile: 6.4 kBytes
Typical Message Delivery Time < 15 seconds
Integrated GPS for location-based services
Environmentally-sealed enclosure for outdoor installations.
Low-Power modes for battery-powered applications
Periperal Interfaces for connection to analog, digital, and serial devices
Serial interfaces support RS485/1708 and Modbus

IsatData Pro

IsatData Pro is a GLOBAL satellite data service designed for two-way text and data communications with assents anywhere, anytime.